Simon Says: Your insight into what Boes knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Q: I want to room with someone new next semester, but my current roommate wants to continue living together. How do I talk about this subject carefully without hurting her feelings? – Confused in Cannon

A: This is a common problem in college campuses, so do not be afraid to discuss it. It does not matter if you and your roommate have had a difficult time or an extraordinary time the last semester, you must converse about next year’s plans (at the very least, to be polite.) It is important to remember that you could be on the other side of this situation, so do not say anything that you would not want to hear yourself. Continuing to have a good relationship with your old roommates is worthwhile, as they are some of the first people to have gotten to know you at Sewanee. However, do not feel like you are hurting someone’s feelings by switching roommates.

Q: After a year, I’m worried Sewanee may not be the place for me to stay. How do I talk to my parents about this? — Questioning in Quintard

A: I’m sorry that you have not been able to “find your place” here at Sewanee. Before you make up your mind talk with your closest friends and even some teachers and voice your concerns. You could also discuss it with your Residential Life staff. Once you have talked with them, you should talk to your parents. Obviously they want what is best for you so hopefully they will support you with your decision. Begin by listing some of the things that you are unhappy about, and then you can go on from there. Whether it is the weather or being too far away from home, Sewanee will always accept you if you choose to come back or just take a break.