Bowling for Soup rolls into Sewanee for Spring Party


By Amanda Watters

Contributing Writer

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It’s official: Bowling for Soup will come to Sewanee for Spring Party and will headline the annual Spring Party concert. They went on tour in February in the UK, but now they are hitting it stateside to jam with us. This could be one of the last time’s the band is on tour, so get ready to party like its 1985. Bowling for Soup was formed in 1994, but their biggest songs came from their third album “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” which features the hit “1985.” Other popular songs we can all get ready to jam to include “I’ll Melt with You,” “High School Never Ends,” and “Girl All the Bad Guys Want.” The event is hosted annually by the Student Activities Board, which made the announcement March 29 via a video on their Facebook page. The video features Bowling for Soup’s “1985” music video and was created by Ruthie Carey (C’ 18). The video has been viewed over 2000 times, and the band seems to be well anticipated by students, faculty, and the surrounding community. Several students have expressed their excitement and approval with the Board’s choice by saying that, “Bowling for Soup is going to be awesome” Kate Harper (C’16). Rebecca Salustri (C’17) said, “My roommate and I are really excited. We are going to look up their songs and the lyrics so we can sing along to more than just the 1985 song because we definitely know that one.” It will not be the first time the Board has brought in an extremely well-received band, earlier this year they had DJ Earworm for the Student Orientation concert and Coolio ft. the Roosevelts for Fall Party. In true Board fashion, members will distribute glow sticks and gear in front of the concert tent before and during the concert. The Mother Pluckers will open for Bowling for Soup at around 9:30 p.m. and the Sewanee Steppers will be there as well. Bowling for Soup will be on stage around 10:30 p.m. and the concert will wrap up around midnight. Come out and have fun, let your middle school dreams come true, and party like its 1985. See you out there.