Leg and Salmon hosts variety of talents


Photos by Alex Ding (C’19)

By Map Pritchard

Contributing Writer

On April 9, students piled into the cozy and crowded Green House living room for Leg and Salmon, a play on the Arm and Trout coffeehouse held in the fall (which is in turn a play on Armentrout, a founding contributor to the Green House). John Mark Lampley (C’ 16) and Dr. Potter set the scene by serenading the crowd with a moving rendition of “I Knew This Place,” a Sewanee favorite.  

Mary Margaret Murdock (C’ 19) and Mary Elizabeth Benton (C’ 19) followed with “I’ll Fly Away” and an original song Benton wrote about her late golfing companion. Leg and Salmon also featured some big names on campus. The Mother Pluckers gave a memorable performance in addition to Boy Named Banjo (both local indie darlings), who closed out the night.  

The event hosted a variety of acts as several other students presented their poetry, original songs, covers, old journal entries, and comedy routines, with Cullen Mitchell (C’ 16) and Catherine Casselman (C’ 17) serving as emcees. As Cullen recalls, “[Leg and Salmon] has always been an important Sewanee event for me. I’ve attended all four of my years here. Getting to host it with Catherine Casselman was very special because she was a hilarious and great collaborator.” He reports that they paid homage to “Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the golden globes,” going so far as to “ice” Lay Chaplain Rob McCalister with a bottle of Smirnoff. On the whole, it was a night of lighthearted and moving artistry, maintaining Leg and Salmon’s position as a classic event beloved of the Sewanee student body.