Simon Says: Your insight into what Boes knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Q: My room was the party room this semester, but next semester I will live so far from main campus I do not think anyone will want to come! Any thoughts to bring everyone back?

– Salty in Saint Lukes

A: I apologize for going in a different direction than you want, but it may not be a great idea for your room to be the “party” room next semester. I am sure you had a good time, however, living in a new dorm, you can meet some new people and try out some different things. However, if you still want to maintain your declamation as the “party” room, you can do your best to encourage people next semester. Although parties in your dorm room are discouraged, I trust you will make good decisions. You and your friends can do a lot of other social activities besides party. You could go to the library and study or play some sports together! Good luck next year.

Q: I am worried that the friends that I made here will not want to be my friends next semester! How can I keep them?

– Pressured in Phillips

A: Not wanting to lose your friends over a summer or break is a common feeling. I want to remind you that if someone wants to be in your life, they will. Not everyone keeps the same friend group that they had freshman year and that is okay; in fact, healthy. If you find yourself thinking about lost friends, try listening to some music. I suggest “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato or “Almost” by Bowling for Soup. One of the beautiful philosophies of Sewanee is that people can still be friends and you can continue to make new ones. However, if you are intent on staying friends over the summer, try exchanging some friendly banter or news over the course of the summer. Your true friends will always respond. You can continue to email me during summer with your questions too.