Ayres Hall: A Review

By Henry Hamlett

Staff Writer

I don’t actually live in Ayres, which means I can provide a less biased review. When I first saw Ayres it seemed like a three, maybe four star hotel, which is pretty great for a college dorm.

The outside is classic Sewanee with sandstone sides and a black roof. Which means Ayres is beautiful, like the rest of Sewanee. Like most new dorms, Ayres also has lots of cool balconies. The Ayres balconies are the best because unlike most dorms where all balconies are covered, Ayres also has some balconies that are exposed to direct sunlight.

However, Ayres got the three, maybe four star rating when I stepped inside. Upon entry, Ayres has a super nice common room which is attached to the kitchen. The kitchen itself is highlighted by a galley style set-up and a massive ice-machine. I thought the ice- machine was especially cool because I live in Hoffman where we have to rely on freezers to make ice. When I walked upstairs the halls are spacious and it is a nice touch to have study areas on each floor. The rooms do seem a little small but that is definitely cancelled out by all of the previously listed amenities.

I also asked a couple current residents of Ayres what they thought of their dorm. Tillman James (C’20) said “I enjoy the space and having personal AC. I also like the common areas because the TVs are awesome. The central location is great and I think Ayres is better than other dorms because it is the newest and therefore the most modern.” What I take away from this overall is that Ayres is a good dorm that is catered to all.

On the scale of Sewanee dorms, Ayres may be one of the best overall. It is cutting edge in the technology department. Ayres has great common spaces inside and out. Ayres addresses the Sewanee wide issue of handicap accessibility. The only issue that stood out to me was that the rooms seemed a little small and it might be necessary to bunk beds if you want a TV or couch in your room.