Simon Says: What Boes Knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Q: How can I subtly let my roommate know the world does not revolve around her?

Sewanee is a small space and does not have room for large egos. For the comfort the community, we need to be aware of our surroundings both physically and emotionally. I suggest you sit your roommate down after classes as soon as possible and go through some new ground rules.

Q: My friend said Gailor is a better place to study than the library. Then my other friend said he preferred studying in Snowden. Where is the best place to study?

Sewanee offers great places to study around campus. From the parapet of Walsh-Ellett to the caverns of Cravens, one can find peace and quiet on the Domain. However, some people crave the absolute best in study safety. Weighing the pros and cons of each building I’ll give you the top three in no particular. First, the Academic Technology Center (ATC). The ATC gives is one of the quietest places on campus. Besides the feature of being able to cut the anxiety in the room with a knife, it also provides cubicles where English majors can get an idea of what their post-grad lives will be like. Second, Gailor. Gailor takes the cake in peacefulness and tranquility. With most rooms filled with portraits of past professors, the spookiness factor helps you stay awake. Last, your neighborhood fraternity house. Some people prefer to listen to calming music while they study, which you can hear from most Greek houses, where you can also take dance breaks.

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