Volleyball loses to Birmingham-Southern


By Morgan Pruett

Staff Writer

On September 17, the Birmingham-Southern women’s volleyball fought hard for a 3-0 win over Sewanee in the Fowler Center. In spite of many powerful hits, serves, and smart plays, the Tigers struggled to get past the Panther’s brick wall block. Sewanee Tiger Caroline Owens had this to say about the game: “One of the problems that we faced was that our hitters couldn’t really hit around the block because it was so big. The way we could’ve won was to find ways to get around the block, but we didn’t do that well. We played well in the first two games, but in the third we just let them have the game.” The first game was certainly their best, as they lost 21 to 25, accounting for only small errors but otherwise tight, strategic plays.

Between the precisely placed and powerful hits of Jeneva Saler and the impossible blocks by Laura Van Peursem, it is no wonder why Birmingham Southern is one of the top three teams in the conference. Our players fought hard with some strong crosscourt slams by the Tiger’s Diamond Stewart and a memorable three-in-a-row block sequence by Elizabeth Gill. Because it is early in the conference, Sewanee will be playing Birmingham Southern again later on to determine their seeding going into the conference tournament.

The Tigers later played against Berry and Oglethorpe University. In order to prepare, the team watched “film and analyzed footage from Berry and Oglethorpe’s previous games, as well as footage from Saturday’s game in order to correct reoccurring errors that [they] had.” As for the Birmingham Southern Panthers, we will be back for round two later on in the season.