Do you know Brandon?

By Suzanne Herrin

Staff Writer

You’ve seen him dicing, spraying, pouring, and flipping back on the grill, but how well do you really know him? Brandon Wiseman, Sewanee’s beloved omelet chef, says that he was “requested by Chef Rick to go ahead and try to do it.” We’re so glad you did, Brandon, because much of the undergraduate population depends on the omelet line as part of their weekly caloric intake.  

In an informal poll of fifteen Sewanee students, the number of omelet line visits per week, on average, is 2.2. Some students admit to visiting the omelet line as many as 5 times per week, in contrast with others who never visit the omelet line. One scrumptious bite of an omelet made by Brandon, and they will never be able to say that again.  

Brandon has been around the kitchen since before he could eat omelets. “My grandmother owned a restaurant for forty years and she babysat and raised me, so I spent a lot of time doing dishes,” he explained. At fifteen, Brandon started his first documented job at a Waffle House, where he picked up his tricks.

When asked about the strangest omelet he has ever made, he replied, “I don’t know if there’s really a strange one. I’m not a big spinach or feta fan. Coming from the Waffle House there’s not much spinach. I come here and everyone likes spinach, but that’s uncommon anywhere else.” A common omelet at the Waffle House, and Brandon’s personal favorite, is the classic cheddar cheese and bacon omelet.

When Brandon is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family. His four children range from ages nine to sixteen. Brandon said of his oldest daughter, “She’s a straight A student, always has been and she makes beautiful art work.” Brandon says that his daughter is thinking about coming to Sewanee for college.

So, next time you order an omelet, you’ll see more than just the dicing, spraying, pouring, and flipping back on the grill; you’ll see Brandon.