FIJI Sponsors Blood Drive for Fall Semester


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Abby Garmon

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 28, Sewanee students lined up in the Bishop’s Common for the American Red Cross Blood Drive. Phi Gamma Delta sponsored the event as a way for students to help those in need.

Brad Keegan (C’18), Fiji’s community service chair, explained why Sewanee students should get involved, stating,  “The Red Cross has no controversy, they’re just trying to save lives.” Since Fiji holds this drive at least once a semester, Keegan has become very familiar with the process and the workers. “It’s great to develop a rapport with the workers, and it’s really rewarding when they tell me how many people we’ve helped.”

Judging by the large turnout, Keegan is not the only one who feels this way. Mac Bouldin (C’19) also praised the Red Cross for their hard work and dedication to such and noble cause. “I love giving blood. It made me feel good to know I was making a difference,” Bouldin said. “It is nice to know that we are doing a good thing for the community, and I’m glad there are so many students who want to get involved.”

For people interested in learning about blood donation, the process is very simple and takes less than an hour. Potential donors begin by filling out a short questionnaire eight to ten minutes. Afterwards, the Red Cross provides its donors with refreshments, and they are free to leave after 10-15 more minutes. The workers are friendly and welcoming, and they are happy to answer any questions about the donation process. Although blood donation is quick and easy, it saves millions of lives every year and is an important way for Sewanee students to give back to the community.