Reception honors dedication of Head Residents


Vanessa Moss

Executive Staff

Photo Courtesy of Susan Peek

On December 6, the Sewanee community celebrated the careers of its three remaining Head Residents, Susan Peek, Bunny Morgan, and Jeannie Robinson.

Living in Courts, Elliot, and Hodgson respectively, the three women have changed student and faculty lives over their tenure at the university. The reception held for them in the McGriff Alumni House included light snacks, a small wine bar, and a very popular card writing station where guests wrote notes to the departing Head Residents known as Dorm Matrons.

Peek has been a Head Resident for eight and a half years, Morgan for nine and a half years, while Robinson has been on campus for 14 years. With their combined 32 years at Sewanee, it was not surprising that their appreciation reception was packed with people bustling in and out of every room, trying to hug or shake hands with each Head Resident.

Although they need to completely move out of the dorms by December 22, all three of them will not be straying far from the Domain. Peek will be staying in Sewanee in a new home, Morgan is moving into Monteagle, and Robinson will be making the short trip down the mountain to Chattanooga.

“Having Ms. Susan in Courts my sophomore year was so wonderful,” said Emily Reidlinger (C’18). “When I had a conflict with my upstairs neighbor–who was an AP–I couldn’t go to another AP or Proctor to handle the situation, and taking the issue to Res. Life seemed excessive. But Ms. Susan was in the dorm that late at night, and was able to mediate between us and hear each side of the story. After she stepped in to help, my roommate and I didn’t have any more issues from the people upstairs.”

A current resident of Elliot, Simon Boes (C’18), said of Morgan, “Living with a dorm matron helps your perspective on dorm life, University life, and beyond the gates. Personally, Ms. Bunny has weaved her graciousness and thoughtful attitude into my own life. I’ll treat people with the same composure now.”    

After the crowd toasted the three women and their impact on the Sewanee community, the women each gave their brief thanks to the students they lived with and the men and women they worked for. Bunny Morgan closed their thanks by saying, “The past 10 years have been the best years of my life. And that’s because of you. Thank you.” Sewanee will miss all three of them dearly and can only be thankful that they love it here enough to stay close by.