Spring Break Letter Home

By Simon Boes 

Executive Staff


In an effort to decrease the anxiety parents feel about spring break activities, Greek organizations on campus have been instructed to have their members write a post-card home.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Greetings from Pensacola Beach, Florida! I’m having a great time with all my friends and we’re getting along well. We all get three square meals a day and we’re living very cheaply. I even made some new friends on the beach and we played frisbee and ate hot dogs together. I know I didn’t answer your call on Saturday night, but that’s because I was in a chess match with my friend Kyle, and we were taking it very seriously. There is a lack of beds in the house we’re renting so I usually don’t get a good night’s sleep on the sofa. How are things at home? I miss my dogs, could you send me a picture of them? That reminds me, Jimmy is thinking about coming to our house in June. He can sleep in my room. I don’t think I’ll get a job this summer, too much work you know? My resume looks long enough, especially in size 16 font. It’s not that important anyway. Is it okay to put Ping Pong tournament winner at the top of it? Do you guys think you could put some more money in my bank account? I splurged for once on a new Barbour jacket. I know it is not winter, but they were on sale – only $399.00! Anyway, I’ll talk to you later, as I’ve got to go into church now. Thank you so much for funding my trip, and even if I don’t say it enough, I’m very thankful for everything you do!


Your son, Billy Jack