Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

As we end this semester, I’m looking forward to The Sewanee Purple’s 200th volume, which will begin next September. Since our founding in 1892, I imagine we’ve changed quite a bit, as has Sewanee as a whole.

I encourage you to read Jasmine Huang’s (C’21) piece, beginning on the front page, on how Sewanee celebrates or criticizes its founders. Jasmine started working on the article even before this semester began, and I believe her dedication is reflected in the article and its diligent reporting.

Throughout this semester, I’ve voiced my support for honest, open dialogue on tough subjects. From Charlie Rose to Sewanee’s ties with slavery to sexual assault on campus, we can’t bury our problems because it’s uncomfortable to discuss them. When Briana Wheeler’s (C’20) savvy advice column provoked a firestorm on our social media, I responded personally because I believed that no one group should dominate a discussion.

I urge each of you to offer your own voice, even if you fear it will be drowned out or attacked. If all else fails, read Luke Williamson’s (C’21) satire about the above controversy; it’s always good to laugh about these things.

Above all, I want to stress my pride in The Purple’s staff this semester. We are a team in every sense of the word.

Fleming Smith ‘19

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