Letter from the Editor

I have found that The Purple oftentimes occupies a curious position in Sewanee’s campus discourse. While the Domain’s geographic isolation might lead one to believe that the “Sewanee Bubble” limits discussion to Mountaintop happenings, I think that, in important ways, it does just the opposite. Without any tailored setting for specific kinds of discourse (as Sewanee is a place generally removed from the direct line of political fire), conversations on campus can quickly move to the extremes. The Purple itself has worked (and succeeded) over the past two years to establish itself among the sources of these conversations.


The old saying goes that opinions are like… well, you know. I generally try to make sure that political content in The Purple is rooted in something directly relevant to Sewanee—that our Opinions pages are not flooded with extrapolative political diatribes.


For a beautifully-rendered image of the overlapping worlds of Sewanee and the nation at-large, look no further than Jasmine Huang’s (C’21) cover story “On both sides of the barricade: White Lives Matter march and the counter-protest.” Both Jasmine and our photographer Matt Hembree (C’20) attended the march and counter-protest in Shelbyville—they have worked to create a multimedia story which, in addition to the story which appears in this issue, will be presented on our website in the coming days with more photos and video. Look to our Facebook page and our website for this and more.

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