Misuse leads to confidentiality agreements for practice rooms

By James McKeachie

Contributing Writer

Following spring break, the music department implemented a new system that requires students to sign a confidentiality agreement to obtain the entry codes to the practice rooms located in the basement of Guerry Hall. The six practice rooms were all previously accessible via the same entry code, but each room now has its own code. This change comes in response to damage caused to the practice rooms and to the instruments within them.


Xu Huiqi (C’17), also known as Sherlock, is a member of the Sewanee Symphony Orchestra. When asked about the condition of the practice rooms, Huiqi stated that there are often “banana peels and spilled coffee cups” on top of the pianos. He also commented that some of the piano keys are missing and strings are often broken. Huiqi said this has been the case since his sophomore year at Sewanee.


All who wish to use the practice rooms must sign a confidentiality agreement, requiring them to lock the door and close the windows upon leaving, to keep the codes confidential, and to help with the general upkeep of the rooms. Once the agreements is signed, the students are each given the codes to two different rooms.


Despite the decrease in access from six rooms to two rooms, Huiqi says that this new system has not interfered with his ability to practice. Music majors, members of the Sewanee Symphony Orchestra, and other students taking music lessons were all made aware of the new system and signed the new agreement before obtaining the codes.


Although not currently in practice, a reservation system has also been suggested to avoid time conflicts and increased student accountability. With confidentiality agreements now in place, the misuse and mistreatment of these rooms should decrease, and music students should be able to enjoy the now more suitable facilities.