Hardknocks: McClurg Dining Hall

By John “Flavortown” Connors and Jack “Bam!” Robinson


Tuesday, 4:45 AM, McClurg Back Lot. For many, going to work hours before sunrise is unheard of, but for Chef Rick, this is a daily routine. He climbs out of his car and ascends towards the McClurg Dining Hall Training Facilities. Chef Rick prides himself on being the “first one in and the last one out” of the kitchen. He enters Clurg and thus daily preparations begin. Chef Rick slaps the “Cook Like a Champion Today” sign that hovers above the kitchen and sets out to his office. Although it is tough to imagine, the back office of McClurg is truly where the magic happens. Here, Chef Rick studies cookbooks, goes over the meal plan for the week, and of course, looks for new personnel to add to the Dining Facility. Last year, McClurg had a star-studded roster which contributed to a great season. However that was last season.

This year Chef Rick and the entire McClurg Dining Facility took hard hits from free agency, the salary cap, and budgetary restraints. Clurg was forced to let go of some pro-bowl talent. But with this void in the roster, new names look to make a name for themselves. This new wave of highly motivated individuals are seeking to seize the spotlight and elevate Clurg to championship levels. Chef Rick reached deep into his playbook to implement the Sea to Table offense which is an early favorite for rookie of the year. But with every great franchise, the veterans are the backbone of the organization. These tried and true veterans will be leading by example this year and are looking to build upon last year’s performance of excellence. One of these vets is the power hitting Omelette Line that is poised for yet another record setting season and, as always, is bringing forth veteran expertise for the breakfast rush. All of these vets pride themselves on greatness everyday. Each and every veteran hopes to cast their names in the McClurg Dining Hall Hall of Fame. Chef Rick has the best roster this franchise has ever seen and looks to achieve dynasty status.

This season, the goals are the same but the menus are different. Chef Rick is going to be reaching deep into his cookbooks to shock the world. Every day is a new meal, a new flavor.

As Chef Rick walks out his office to kick off the new day, he breaks it down with his team… “Eat well, be well… LET’S EAT!”