Fall Fashion, Sewanee-Style

By Luke Gair

Contributing Writer

With September nearing its end, the leaves are slowly slipping to darker hues of reds and browns. Although the Domain will not see a full-blown autumn until October, it is evident fall fashion is creeping into students’ wardrobes all around campus. Walking to class, one can see the gradual incline in the layers of clothing worn and the display of warmer colors on clothing.

I find fall clothing has nearly a prerequisite to be considered fall fashion. It should have colors that match those of leaves on the trees. Darker reds, browns, and oranges create a warmer look to the presentation of the clothes. The connotation of these colors links to all things fall such as pumpkins, cinnamon and pecan pie.

Usually the first thing I notice when I see someone is their shoes, as they are absolutely a staple to anyone’s ensemble. In the fall, it’s common to see an array of boots and high-topped shoes. It seems this season’s hottest shoe is the Blundstone. It perfectly fits the fall season with its variety of brown and tan shades. The lack of laces gives it a casual yet sleek look, perfect for talking a walk through the autumn woods, raking some leaves, or simply going to class.

For outer-layering on shirts and other tops, there are several options that can accomplish the goal of staying warm while also staying in the fall style. Both Patagonia fleeces and flannel button-downs look like the popular choice around campus.

With the temperature gradually lowering, it’s a given that most of us will wear long pants rather than shorts. Going back to the idea of “warmer” shades: camel, taupe, and other variations of brown are complimentary of the typical reds, oranges, and browns that surround you. Sitting in the Quad, I’ve observed almost a general rule of thumb for pants-shoe combinations: if the pants go past the ankle, go with a high-topped shoe, but if the pants cut off before the ankle, a low-topped shoe seems more stylistically appropriate.

With the fall season upon us, the number one rule you need to remember when dressing up is to dress for yourself. Whether that be going with Sewanee’s latest fashion trends or paving your own, in the end, it comes down to dressing how you feel comfortable.