Sewanee Professor Named First Peruvian Ambassador to Ireland

By Julianna Morgan

Staff Writer


Professor Carmen McEvoy is a history professor here at Sewanee who will be the first Peruvian ambassador to Ireland as of January 2018. Professor McEvoy is Peruvian, while her great grandparents came from Kilkenny, Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine.

The development of Professor McEvoy’s new job began in the spring of 2017 when the president of Ireland met with the Peruvian government. Both governments decided it was time to open the first Peruvian embassy in the Emerald Isle of Ireland as a way to enhance the commercial and cultural relations between the two countries.

When the time came to pick the first Ambassador to lead this endeavor, President Kuczynski of Peru thought Professor McEvoy was the perfect choice. Due to her education, publications, and relations with both of the countries, it was decided she was the person best qualified for the job. He then had the Foreign Minister of Peru call her to let her know the position was hers.

When asked what her job would entail, Professor McEvoy stated, “My duties are to reinforce the commercial and cultural ties between Ireland and Peru.” While in Ireland for her three-year tenure, she hopes to increase knowledge about Peruvian culture amongst Irish citizens. Currently, she is leading an exhibit of Incan textiles and artifacts in Dublin. However, McEvoy also plans on getting closer to her familial roots and says, “I’m looking forward to traveling throughout Ireland and visiting the country of my great grandparents Thomas and Martha McEvoy.”

Professor McEvoy has an amazing journey ahead of her. After teaching on the mountain for 22 years, she will be making the transition to Ireland in January and making history as the country’s first Peruvian ambassador. When asked what she will miss most about Sewanee, she said, “my students, the sunsets and springtime.” She added, “I will take this beautiful mountain in my heart and I promise to come back with fantastic stories to share with my students.” While we will miss her here at Sewanee, we know she will accomplish great things and we look forward to hearing all of the stories Professor McEvoy will have once she returns to the mountain.