Afroman seeks information about stolen “pimp cup” after Fall Party concert


Photo courtesy of Afroman’s Facebook page.

by Robert Beeland


Grammy-nominated rapper Afroman has offered a massive reward for information leading towards the discovery of his stolen “pimp cup and amplifier,” according to a recent post from his Instagram profile.

“10,000.00 to the person who lets me know who stole my pimp cup and amplifier in Suwanee [sic] Tennessee,” reads the post from Afroman’s Instagram (@ogafroman). The cup in question appears to be a green and silver plastic chalice, adorned with rhinestones and a cartoon of Afroman wearing a fur coat. A picture of the amplifier in question was not posted.

Afroman, known for his 2001 single “Because I Got High,” most recently played in Sewanee during the 2014 Advent semester, also during Fall Party Weekend. His concert that evening ended under seemingly happier circumstances: he enjoyed a late-night meal at Waffle House and cheerfully took pictures with students.

His more recent performance on November 4 at the ATO fraternity house, however, was colored with his displeasure at the loss of his “pimp cup.” Concert-goer Hunter Creech (C’19) explained that he was accosted by a member of Afroman’s crew who accused him of stealing the cup. “[She] was livid, saying ‘you’re going to get a police report filed against you.’ I told her that I had done nothing besides sitting on a stump. She didn’t take my name or anything relevant, though, so I don’t care,” said Creech.

It is unclear whether or not Afroman is actually offering a $10,000 prize for information regarding the supposed theft of his “pimp cup” and amplifier. His post did not use a dollar sign, and The Purple received no response after reaching out for a comment regarding the nature of the reward. A representative from the Sewanee Police Department informed The Purple that Afroman did report the theft and that an investigation is being opened.

A different post from October 28 made on Afroman’s Facebook page seems to describe a similar situation where the cup was stolen at Mississippi State University. In addition to providing another picture of the cup, the post explains, “[a]hhhh yeah somebody at Mississippi state stole my old cup…. it’s not about the come up it’s about the come bacc baby ! Chuch !”

Many Instagram users took to the comment section of Afroman’s most recent post about the stolen cup and amplifier. User @raymondstregdog offered hostile advice to the 43-year-old rapper: “Nocc they Brains out when u find out who Cuz … Then if they wake up ??? Give bout 2 or 3 in the gut !”

Another user, @bobmaddox, whose bio describes him as “Santa, Viking, Pirate, Beach Bum,” offered  his help in the search: “No reward needed … I sent this out to all my Biker buddies in that area. If they know what’s good for them they will return it before we find them.”

One user, @hobackdaddy, helpfully informed Afroman, “You misspelt Sewanee.”

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