Sewanee Halloween fashion amazes with creativity and comedy


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By Julianna Morgan

Staff Writer


Dinosaurs, aliens, and bananas, oh my! The best thing about Halloween is getting to dress up and come up with a creative and outstanding look. Here at Sewanee, people definitely did just that.

Throughout Halloweekend, people dressed up in their costumes and showed them off at parties. The cold weather was a factor as well, as it would drop to the low 30s by the time you made your way out for the evening. I personally loved the viral “dinosaur” costume; I saw it at every party with its head bobbing in the crowd, the center of attention.

“Aliens” seemed to be the biggest attraction this year. With hologram type clothing and tentacle headbands, groups would make an entrance, shining in the light, and it was a sharp look to show off. On Halloween night, there was a horde of “bananas” that could be spotted running around and dancing. This was one of the most memorable costumes of the Halloween season.

One of my costumes was a “skeleton” and that was a popular one as well. If you want to look “Halloween,” a skeleton is the easiest and best way to do that. Two of my friends, both girls, dressed up as lumberjacks with long sleeve shirts and jeans. The best part of the costume was that they drew beards on their face with eyeliner.

It seemed that this year, people went with more comical Halloween costumes rather than the usual scary or sensual look. Altogether, costume fashion this year was up to date and embodied the Halloween spirit in a positive way. I’m excited to see what the looks are next year, and hopefully the “dinosaur” makes another appearance.