Courts Hall vs. Benedict Hall


Courts Hall: the cozy cottage of Sewanee

By: Will “Vlachos” Murphy

Staff Writer

Courts: the best dorm with a courtyard. While very similar to Benedict, the lesser courtyard-boasting dorm, Courts has an overall better atmosphere.

When initially compared, Courts and Benedict seem very similar; although Benedict has a bigger courtyard, Courts is the clear choice between the two. Located off of Georgia Avenue, Courts Hall is nestled between Humphreys Hall and Lake Trezevant, a quick walk to Dupont Library and Stirling’s Coffee House.

With the breezy mornings and courtyard, Courts does not need air condition. Its occupants are friendly, rooms generously sized, and proctors kind. The peaceful atmosphere around Courts gives it a leg up; Benedict is located in a noisy corner of University Ave where it is impossible to study, sleep, or hear yourself think. How is one supposed to come back to their room after a long day and relax with music shaking their room?

Courts is roughly the same distance from central campus, and shares similar structure to Benedict, yet it is the best possible dorm to start or continue your Sewanee experience. It has become a staple of Georgia Avenue and will continue to bless Sewanee with its cottage-esque self.




Benedict Hall: the premier residence hall

By John “Flavortown” Connors

Staff Writer

When I first arrived on Sewanee’s hallowed grounds, I was blessed with a placement in prestigious Benedict Hall. Benedict is by far the most superior dorm here at Sewanee.

Benedict’s defining feature is the courtyard. The courtyard is what truly catapults ‘Benny’ into the next level. Owen Dankworth (C’20) has this to say of the courtyard: “Benny is a great place because the courtyard is a really fun place to hangout with my friends.”

Besides the courtyard, the rooms in Benedict rival that of the Ritz. They’re spacious, recently refurbished, but most importantly, they have air conditioning. However, the best part of Benedict Hall is the people.

Unlike other dorms, Benedict gives you the unique opportunity to interact with some of your best friends everyday. Whether you are in the common area, hanging out in the courtyard, or even just sitting in your room, the people of Benedict have always and will forever be the most affable bunch on campus.