Zombie Sewanee

By Barton Perkins

Staff Writer

Imagine, if you will, a world in which the zombie apocalypse has occurred. Roves of undead wander aimlessly in an eternal hunt for the flesh of the living. Some random sheriff from a small town survives despite being in a coma and awakens to search for his wife and son. In such a world, one question burns in my mind: what would happen to Sewanee?

When the outbreak first happens, there will first be a desperate search for munitions to fend off the undead with. The Sewanee Police Station’s armory will be raided for this purpose. Some of the smarter students will also go to Nabit Art Building and make knives and metal bats with the welders.

After this, the student body will rapidly divide along Greek lines, every fraternity and sorority for themselves. The GDIs will be forced to either join up with one of these groups or form some sort of survivor team on their own. As most fraternity and sorority houses lack the ability to be properly militarily defended, or working toilets, fraternities will likely attempt to take over a dorm to use as a base of operations and then add a series of defenses.

It is likely that at this point, some fraternities and sororities will try and team up to survive, and because of that there will be some conflict of leadership. All of the professors and facility will have either died, fled, or joined the undead hordes roving Sewanee. This will most likely lead to several groups imploding in on themselves.

Most likely, the group that has the best chance of surviving will be the one that claims the farm first, thus gaining a permanent way to sustain themselves. A large wall will need to be erected around it to keep the zombies out, so Fijis will be needed.

Despite this, it is quite likely that whoever takes over the farm will not have confirmed it first on OrgSync. So in the end, Sewanee will most likely devolve into a zombie-filled wasteland.