Tips on how to dress for winter


McClurg Dining Hall covered in snow. Photo by Luke Williamson (C’21). 


By Julianna Morgan
Staff Writer

The temperatures have dropped here on the Mountain, and most students are not used to this weather, as many of us come from places where temperatures do not drop below 60. While it may seem obvious what clothing articles are needed for this weather, it isn’t for some of us.

How to dress according to the weather starts with one simple thing: before picking out your clothes, check the temperature outside on an electronic device. If you see a number less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is safe to assume you will need some form of pants and a sweater. You can also wear a skirt or dress, but tights are recommended.

When it comes to sweaters, think knitted, wool, and chunky. The fluffier the better. When it comes to pants, wear what feels comfortable and warm. They say “cotton kills,” but jeans are the easiest article of clothing to wear in these situations. The last thing you will need for the base of the outfit is a jacket. Preferably one that has a zipper, hood, and is designed for the cold.

How to accessorize for the winter is a critical part. There are three things you need: a hat, gloves, and a scarf. These may seem like tedious additions, but the hands tend to be the first thing to become cold. It is not fun trying to hold a phone, coffee, etc. with frozen hands.

Dressing for winter does not have to be a hassle. Sure, it is a little annoying wearing a bunch of layers, but in the end, it is worth it. The cold is fun for some and not for others, but if we stay bundled up in the proper attire, the season can be more bearable.

Not to mention, when it snows, Sewanee looks even more magical if that is possible. Using this how-to guide will make it easy to have fun and stay warm in this Tennessee weather!