Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

With our second issue of the semester debuting on Valentine’s Day, I’m heartened to think of all the different ways that love and caring for others can be expressed. For me, the Sewanee community has always been unique in the way that its members support each other; it’s something I noticed and felt the first time I stepped onto campus.

At The Purple, we try to draw attention to exceptional students, faculty, and community members; I encourage you to read our bi-weekly professor, major, and artist spotlights, written in this issue by Luke Gair (C’21), Katherine LeClair (C’21), and Anna Mann (C’20) respectively. In each piece, you will find a vibrant Sewanee personality transplanted to the page. We try to celebrate our love for Sewanee through highlighting the hard work and passion of the amazing individuals that surround us on the Mountain.

I would also like to draw your attention to Jasmine Huang’s (C’21) front-page article on Sewanee’s recent drop in first-year rushees as well as our ongoing coverage of the possible revocation of Charlie Rose’s honorary degree. At Sewanee, caring for each other can also mean accepting a change in perspectives or culture that may seem alien to us. I fully believe that Sewanee can preserve its heart while embracing such changes, and I look forward to seeing how my beloved school continues to grow.


Fleming Smith ‘19