The Notebook: The Best Nicholas Sparks’ Movie Adaptation

The Notebook. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

By Julianna Morgan
Contributing Writer

There have been several Nicholas Sparks stories adapted to the silver screen, including, The Last Song, Dear John, and The Lucky One. While those movies are good, The Notebook is unique. Most moviegoers see it as the ultimate love story and the go-to romance movie, and definitely a classic. I can watch The Notebook over and over again and I feel it is the epitome of the Sparks love story, filled to the brim with moments of heartbreak and happiness.

This 1940’s love story between Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) unfolds as the narrator of the movie reads this story to his wife with Alzheimer’s, the two later revealed to be the couple of the story. The two lovers first meet in the small town of Seabrook, South Carolina and begin what would later turn into a romantic relationship. After losing touch with each other when Calhoun leaves for WWI, they reconcile later on in life. The plot-line interweaves a series of events to create a feeling of uncertainty about the lover’s fate at the end of the movie.

The setting of the movie transports the viewers into its world. The filming was done in beautiful locations that make the movie enchanting. The actors, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, perform the roles very well. They have great chemistry which is important for a romance movie. The characters are at the forefront throughout the movie, both changing in numerous ways. The actors helped to make everything seem real and relatable.

The ultimate message of this movie is whether your first love can be your one, true love. The conclusion is yes, if you fight hard enough and believe everything will work out you can end up with whoever you want. There is also the idea of self-discovery and becoming secure in who you are. Overall, the movie did a great job of telling a love story with meaning and substance to it.