Major Spotlight: Economics Major Kevin Nguyen (C’18)

Kevin Nguyen (C’18), economics major on the pre-med track. Photo courtesy of Kevin Nguyen (C’18).

By Sophia Henderson
Staff Writer

As soon as he took his first economics class his sophomore year at Sewanee, Kevin Nguyen (C’18) knew he wanted to major in economics. Learning about the law of supply and demand allowed him to see how integral economics is to the world around us. From this point on, he “was immediately hooked.”

For Nguyen, an economics major on the pre-med track, economics is about more than just theory. He cites one of the most enjoyable aspects of his major as its applicability to a broad range of topics.

“The practicality and applicability to so many fields are why I enjoy it so much. By understanding important concepts in economics, I can read articles and get a sense of the economic problems and think about the potential policies to correct these problems,” said Nguyen.

He also finds fulfillment in a myriad of other activities on campus. Nguyen is taking steps towards his future career in medicine by participating in the Multicultural Health Society and Sewanee Health Profession Society.

Nguyen serves as a leader on campus through his work both as a student mentor and a Lead Proctor, working with students in the department of Residential Life. In his time away from these endeavors, Nguyen can also be found conducting undergraduate organic chemistry research.

When asked about professors in the department who have helped to shape his Sewanee experience, Nguyen brought up Dr. Husnain Ahmad, a professor in the department of economics. Nguyen explained that his behavioral economics class allowed him to explore his major from a new perspective, examining the field in a more practical and less theory-based way.

This class allowed Nguyen to explore why rational agents will sometimes behave in ways that contradict economic theory. Nguyen explained, “This class definitely reminded me of why I choose to be an Economics major in the first place.”

Despite Nguyen’s love of economics, he plans to pursue a career in the medical field. When asked about his plans after he graduates in May, Nguyen explained that he wants to take a gap year to give him time to study for the MCAT. During this gap year, he plans to shadow doctors and work as a medical scribe.