Softball falls to Hendrix in doubleheader

Sewanee Tiger and Hendrix catcher. Photo courtesy of

Sydney Leibfritz
Staff Writer

As the sky alternated between a clear blue and looming dark clouds, Sewanee softball began their doubleheader with the Hendrix Warriors and showed little regard for unpredictable shifts in the weather aside from an umpire’s joke that everything would be fine “as long as it [didn’t] start snowing.”

Though the first game’s 5-2 final score may not have fallen in their favor, the Tigers came out strong and secured a close game, never falling more than one point behind until top of the sixth. Hendrix opened the game by scoring early in the first inning and the Tigers struggled to bring any home in the first and second; however, the Tigers managed to keep Hendrix from scoring again in either inning with a tight defense.

As they moved into third, Hendrix scored once again despite defensive efforts, including a particular well-executed throw by second baseman Katie Bender (C’20) to catcher Taylor Wagner (C’20) to keep Hendrix from scoring. However, Sewanee battled back with a series of walks and successful at-bats and a hit by Rachel Dement (C‘19) that brought Rowan Jordan (C‘21) in for a run.

After shutting down Hendrix for another inning, the Tigers returned to the plate with a rally comprised of singles by Bender, Wagner, Katie Roth (C‘19), and Charlsey Shirey (C‘19), as well as a sacrifice bunt by Trina Ramos (C‘21), all working to send Bender home and even the score to 2-2.

Unfortunately, the Tigers were unable to bring anyone else home despite putting runners on base and a close call as Caroline Sweetin (C’20) attempted to slide across the plate. Hendrix earned two more in the sixth and seventh, closing the game at 5-2.

The second game proved more challenging, as both teams remained shutout throughout the first and second innings. Hendrix’s three-run rally at the top of the third set the tone for the remainder of the game as Sewanee fell behind and Hendrix carried their momentum into a four-run rally in the top of the fourth. Sewanee put runners on base in the fourth but ultimately failed to turn them into runs. The game concluded after the fifth inning with a 8-0 score.

Although the games did not play out as well as the Tigers would have hoped, the players still retain their hope for the reason of the season.

“I measure our team’s progress in terms of how engaged we are throughout both games, not just one. As the season has progressed, I’ve seen improvement with how engaged and mentally tough our team has been. We’ve had so many people stepping up, which brings a refreshing energy back to the game. We just need to keep that energy going, and it’s all going to click together,” stated outfielder Katie Roth (C’19).

The Tigers will return on April 7 for Senior Day against Millsaps College.