Class of 2022 comes to campus with impressive academic record

Sewanee: The University of the South’s newest Class of 2022. Photo courtesy of Sewanee’s Flickr. 

By Luke Gair
Features Editor

As the newly arrived class of 2022 settles into the Domain, their true promise is evident through their high school-proven academic rigor. On the first day of classes, new students flooded the sidewalks, eager to begin their journey here at Sewanee. Throughout the day, the first-years could be seen asking for directions, navigating their way across campus, and sitting with newfound friends in the dining hall.

Following the Honor Code signing on August 28, the students filled the Quad to seek opportunities with campus organizations and clubs. With such a large turnout of eager students, it seems evident they hold potential both in and outside of the classroom.

Wielding one of the highest GPA averages the University has ever seen, it’s certain their strength will contribute to the academic community on campus. A press release by the Office of Admissions offered detailed insight into statistics on the new class. With an average ACT composite ranging from 27 to 32, SAT scores ranging from 1250 to 1390, and an impressive average high school grade point average of 3.74, it’s definite that they know how to succeed in the classroom. The provided test scores only account for those who submitted them, for Sewanee is a test-optional school.

Compared to the class of 2021, the class of 2022 is slightly larger with an enrollment of 487 students. Last year, due to the class of 2021’s smaller size, the University faced a budget issue that led to the elimination of the Japanese department.

Of the 487 new students, 48.3 percent are male and 51.7 percent of the student body is female, which is nearly on par with the class of 2021.

About a quarter applied early decision, proving the sheer excitement and zeal students had, even as prospects. Nearly 15 percent of those newly arrived are first-generation college students. This year, the admissions office accepted 53.9 percent of all prospective students who applied.

The class is composed of both domestic and international students: according to Sewanee Today, 29 states are represented along with countries such as Egypt, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands.  

As the year unfolds and new students find their place on campus, the Domain will start to feel more and more like home for the class of 2022.