Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

At the mid-way point of the semester, it’s easy to direct our focus solely at exams and papers students rush to submit before fall break. With our third issue coming as the break begins, I think it’s important to acknowledge all the amazing things students accomplish outside the classroom.

Sewanee students really do go above and beyond. Congratulations to Rotaract for raising $37,000 for the fight against cancer in their Relay for Life, as covered by Lakeisha Phillips (C’22).  Personally, I felt honored to write and learn more about the Mine 21 documentary, soon to debut at the SUT, that Kelsey Arbuckle (C’19) and Alexa Fults (C’21) created about a mine explosion that affected Grundy and Marion communities.

I’m also encouraged to see students starting conversations that look critically and inquisitively at the world around us and at the University we attend. OCCU’s panel on representation, covered by Alicia Wikner (C’21), illustrates the importance of understanding people’s stories and learning to listen instead of assume. Several groups also came together to discuss how our University handles our Confederate ties, covered by Klarke Stricklen (C’22), an ongoing conversation that asks hard questions about what it means to “honor” a past.

While the midterm season brings the “student” aspect of our identity to the forefront, it’s heartening to realize we are capable of reflection and creating change if we put our minds to it.

Fleming Smith ‘19