How to dress for fall

Fall fashion. Photo courtesy of

By Julianna Morgan
Staff writer

Cold weather has officially hit the Mountain, and with temperatures slowly dropping, it’s time to bring out the sweaters, hats, and all the other fall essentials. Transitioning from summer to fall clothing can be difficult.

It has been a full year since we have had to dress warmly with long sleeve shirts and pants. I’m here to help with easy clothing pieces that can be worn with anything for both women and men. Think of these items as your “fall staple pieces.” This guide will have you dressing for class and the new season with no trouble at all.

Let’s start with shirt options. When it comes to tops, there are several options that work. The most basic one is a nice long sleeve shirt. You can add your twist to it by picking one with a pattern, like stripes, or picking shirts with different textures and colors.

The next option is sweaters. This is probably the most preferable option, because it is guaranteed to keep you warm, especially in these beginning months of fall. Just like the long sleeve shirt, you can find different colors, prints, and materials that can help spice up your outfit throughout the season.

When it comes to pants, the options are pretty straightforward. First, you have jeans, which are comfortable and easy. These you can pair with any top you want. There are skinny jeans, boot cut, and even bell bottoms, enjoying a comeback at the moment. You can also find blue jeans, black jeans, or colored jeans. Leggings are a great option for being comfortable and cozy. This option applies more for women, and leggings go great with a big sweater.

Outerwear is another great way to add detail to your fall outfit. There are so many great options that you can find. Some options are bomber jackets, jean jackets, leather jackets, suede jackets, or a simple coat. You are bound to find one staple outerwear piece that fits your personal style preference.

The last thing to complete your fall wardrobe is shoes. Really, any shoe that keeps your feet warm will do. I personally love a good bootie because they are cute and comfortable. They also keep your feet warm, which is the goal. Tennis shoes work, as well as riding boots, meaning the style, not actual riding boots.

With this list, you can put together your fall fashion and get ready for the new season. One reason this time of year is great is the fashion. You can be comfy and cozy, while looking cute!