Well, since you asked: an advice column

By Briana Wheeler
Staff Writer

Dear Briana,

I’m a freshman, and I was hoping you could give me a little advice. What’s the best way to spend Reading Day? Also, what exactly is it?

Finals Szn

Anonymous student

Dear Final Szn,

Reading Day is the Thursday after the last day of classes each semester. It’s essentially a breather day before finals officially commence when students can study, or “read.” The most effective use of reading day depends on a few factors: what kind of student you are, how well you’ve kept up with assignments throughout the semester, and when your first final is.

Personally, I usually don’t do work on Reading Day. I find it more effective to use it as a day of rest; however, I also push myself insanely hard until the end of classes and keep up with my work all semester. Some people stake their claim somewhere on campus in the morning and study all day, and others find a happy medium. You know best what you need for success, so take all the factors into account and make a schedule that fits your needs.

Best of luck on finals,

Dear Briana,

How would you suggest I claim the spot I want for Reading Day? I’m a study-all-day kind of gal, but I can never get the spot I want. I can’t waste time this year wandering around until I have to settle for something I don’t want.

All tips helpful,
Study Queen

Anonymous student

Dear Study Queen,

It appears you belong to the select group of students who take Reading Day location extremely seriously. From what I hear, that group is cutthroat, and getting top picks for the best study spots is difficult.

For option one, pack your backpack and lay out your best study clothes the night before and set the alarm for as early as you can manage to get up. Get ready as quickly as possible and sprint to the location you would like to commit to.

Option two, if you want to absolutely ensure your position for Thursday, you could always bring a sleeping bag and begin studying Wednesday night (unless you’re aiming for the library, in which case revert to option one and wait until it opens Thursday morning).

Either way, if you’ll be there all day, make sure you pack plenty of snacks and water to keep with you. All the studying in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t take care of your essential needs.

Happy hunting for spots,