Sewanee wins tight game after explosive fourth inning

Garrett Liebe (C’21) at bat. Photo courtesy of

By Harry Davis
Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 2, the Sewanee Baseball team defeated the Wittenberg University Tigers, three runs to two in six innings.

Sewanee entered the game with eight wins and two losses. The Tigers had just swept Carroll University in three games with scores of 7-5, 15-5, and 9-2. In the first game against Wittenberg, Sewanee was defeated 8-6. This game was close throughout and Sewanee scored a run in the eighth running to tie the game. Wittenberg then scored twice in the final inning to win the game.

Both teams struggled in the first two innings as they combined for two hits. In the third inning, Wittenberg advanced a player to third base and scored after a grounder to shortstop. Sewanee’s offense continued to struggle in the third inning until the bottom of the fourth inning, when the offense poured on. Chris McNulty (C’20) started the offense with a single to first base, Wittenberg then forced two outs on Sewanee which seemingly closed the hopes of an offensive inning. With two outs, Josh Roberts (C’19) singled to first base and McNulty advanced to third.

The Tigers then had two men on base, but again with two outs as Garrett Liebe (C’21) doubled down the left field line as McNulty and Roberts scored to put Sewanee ahead 2-1. The next batter, Jared Demkowicz (C’20), continued the offense as he doubled down the right field line which brought Liebe home to expand the Tigers lead to 3-1. After this offensive onslaught by the Tigers, Wittenberg pulled their pitcher and finished the inning after a hit to centerfield.

Wittenberg pulled within striking distance in the fifth inning after a wild pitch as Sewanee’s lead dwindled to 3-2. The inning ended with offensive potential for Sewanee as Max Murray (C’20) advanced to third base with zero outs, but Wittenberg finished the inning on Sewanee’s next three batters. This put Wittenberg in prime position and they appeared to seize the opportunity as they advanced to third base with just one out in the inning. Just like Wittenberg in the previous inning, Sewanee finished off the next two batters to end the game at a 3-2 Sewanee victory.

It was another great victory for the Tigers, but much closer than it could have been. Sewanee had seven hits to Wittenberg’s three, but both teams played great defensively to keep the game tight late.

The Tigers will go on the road to play Berry College, ranked No. 24 in D-III baseball, with two games on Saturday, March 9, and one game on Sunday, March 10.