EDUROAM(ing) around campus? A student take on the new WiFi system update

By Alexis McKnight
Contributing Writer

Eduroam, the new WiFi update has missed the mark on attempting to resolve connectivity issues on campus. This update came with the hopes of being able to access the internet while on campus but as the year has started it is clear this may not be the case. 

 The library and information technology services have explained the simplicity of connecting to Eduroam within ten short steps. This updated system allows for all students to be able to access WiFi on hundreds of college campuses nationwide and internationally, benefiting students and faculty who not only study abroad but also travel to other campuses. 

However, while you may be able to access this WiFi throughout European campuses, if you travel to the art building your connectivity is incredibly spotty. If you venture a bit past past central campus, connectivity is almost non existent in some places. 

Concerns over safety were raised when discussing with students about their connectivity. As Lindsey Crouchet (C’23) stated she felt it incredibly troublesome to not have WiFi when walking around campus at night, “How am I supposed to feel safe walking home alone to my dorm at night when I cannot call or text anyone?”

The inability to access WiFi around campus is not only incredibly annoying, but also dangerous. People need to be able to text their friends, call their family, and share their location. All things, that if there is no service, require WiFi. For this new update to be successful, there needs to be some major improvements to reaching all of campus. 

Other Sewanee students like Gabbie Nesbit (C’22) raised concerns about the inability to access WiFi for homework purposes saying “When I moved in I did not have WiFi in my room for two days. It was incredibly hard to check my email or call my parents.”

On the other hand, Richard Pryor III (C’20) said that his experiences this summer made Eduroam a much more attractive option for him. “I spent about a month and a half this summer on the road doing research and going on vacation – and I could use Eduroam everywhere. Whether I was at Yale, Northwestern, Harvard, Kent State, Oxford, or the British Library, I was easily connected thanks to Eduroam.”

The issues with the WiFi also go into the need for doing homework or contacting family members. Personally, I have had issues with connecting to Eduroam and have had to use Sewanee-Guest in order to complete homework, or access materials. Eduroam has been a complete mess for me to use around campus and in my own dorm. 

There are multiple issues with the new system that need to be addressed and updated. Especially if we want a secure feeling around campus. I still hold hope that the updates will come swiftly and the connectivity issues will be resolved soon. Allowing for this system to one day keep Sewanee up to date with the rest of the world. 


  1. Alexis- If change is desired, it needs to be focalized more by the students. There are no recent complaints on twitter or social media. Take charge of driving awareness and change will follow! There are plenty of companies, like mine, that would love to assist Sewanee with incredible Wi-Fi, but the opportunity to break in hasn’t presented itself. I’ve followed for 3 years and hope to have a meeting in the near future with campus leadership. Not sharing company or my name yet as I don’t want it to come back and harm a potential relationship.

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