The class of 2023 settles into Sewanee

The class of 2023 prepare for their class photo in front of All Saints’ Chapel. Photos courtesy of The University of the South’s Flickr.

By Virginia Phillippi and Josh Braden 
Contributing Writers

At beginning of the school year, the leaves begin to turn and a new class of 448 students arrives on the Mountain. In terms of demographics, the student body yields a nearly balanced female to male ratio, and four percent are international students. The most popular programs of study for the class of 2023 include biology, business, and psychology. 

A considerable number of students also participate in at least one varsity sport, coming in at about 35 percent. Women’s basketball player Camryn Broussard (C’23) explained that she is “really excited to play at the next level and meet new teammates and form new bonds and friendships with them while playing the sport [she] loves.” 

Most first-year students are interested in experiencing the various clubs and organizations that Sewanee has to offer. As the activities fair began, Ian Boer (C’23) already knew the types of clubs that would best fit him. 

“Going into the activities fair, I was looking for an outdoorsy club because I love the great outdoors, [so] I immediately made sure that I would get emails from the SOP,” he explained. “I also signed up for Forestry Club where we get to go outdoors and count salamanders and also go to elementary schools and show wildlife to the kids.” 

New students gather at the activities fair in McClurg Dining Hall.

Many students think about Greek Life when beginning their college journey, and students have varying opinions on whether they are going to participate. “I’m not really sure if I plan on rushing yet. I’m considering it since it’s very different here then Auburn or Alabama,” says Mary Bullard (C’23). “I don’t know much about Greek Life, so I don’t have a certain sorority planned.” 

It is a given that many will have preconceptions about Sewanee before they arrive, which are often challenged. First-year student Felix Wilson (C’23) was no exception. He said that “there are a lot of places I didn’t even know about and I’ve been up here all my life. I’ve always seen Sewanee as a second home, and seeing it as a school… it’s good but it’s just totally different.” 

The University of the South is a unique place that exceeds students’ expectations, even if they have happened to live here their whole lives. Every student in this freshman class is sure to experience their fair share of surprises over the next four years.

Have a great year, class of 2023!