Two Chicks Eatin’: boss hog heaven

The eclectic interior of Jesse’s Grill. Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

By Sarah Cordell and Morgan Jennings
Contributing Writers

Have you ever wanted to try a restaurant or new food item but needed a recommendation first? We’ve got you covered! 

We are seniors Sarah Cordell from Guntersville, AL and Morgan Jennings from Shelbyville, TN. Between the two of us, we’ve tried every southern delicacy and know better than to compare the success of dishes to Cracker Barrel. Every week, we embark on a journey to try a new restaurant or menu item found in or around Sewanee and provide readers with our honest opinions. 

Each issue, we will provide a food review, a Clurg hack, and feature an upcoming event on campus. We know good cooking when we try it and are not afraid to put our taste buds to the test. 

This week’s adventure brought us to Jesse’s Grill in Monteagle. Initially written off as a place for truckers, this dig may appear as a blip on your way to Wendy’s. However, you won’t regret stopping in!  The restaurant is plentiful in seating and has unique wall decorations ranging from an old bed frame to a traffic light. The servers exemplify southern hospitality while the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. 

The most popular menu item is the “Boss Hog.” Yes— it is as intense as it sounds. While this sandwich features a pile of pulled pork smothered in barbeque sauce, it’s not even all of the pig on the sandwich. This monster is topped with 3 pieces of thick, crispy bacon and your choice of cheese with a pickle on the side. 

We both chose cheddar cheese and paired it with spicy fries for Cordell and sweet potato fries for Jennings. We also suggest adding a side of ranch dressing for dipping! Soon enough, you will find yourself singing (to the tune of Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield ) “You know I wish that I had Jesse’s Grill. Where can I find a sandwich like that?” All in all, we had a great meal and cannot wait to go back to try their Philly cheesesteak. We hear it’s a must-eat! 

For those of you who are following us on our food journey, this dish only required 1 Lactaid® to override Cordell’s lactose intolerance. Naturally, when you are risking your heart health for a sandwich, you have to wash it down with sweet tea. The tea was strong brewed and the perfect level of sweetness. However, this is not something you should eat every day… or every week for that matter. 

To try out some of Jesse’s Grill’s other specialties, visit them anytime Monday through Thursday 11 am – 10 p.m., Friday or Saturday 11a.m. – 1a.m. (4-for-4 who?), and Sunday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Weekly specials feature Catfish Monday, Taco Tuesday, and 60-cent Wings Wednesday. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can visit their second location in South Pittsburg; on Thursdays they host karaoke, the one sport in which Morgan has a black belt.

Our latest Clurg hack is submitted by Emily Stone (C’20). She makes her own aioli that is great for dipping fries in or putting on a turkey burger! Take one of the batter cups from the waffle station, squeeze in one or two lemon slices to your preference, march over to the condiments station and add two or three pumps of mayo. Mix it all together and it’s a delicious and zingy dip! If you would like some spice, you can add sriracha. Emily also likes to add a little bit of the Tony Chachere seasoning that is found next to the fries. 

To suggest Clurg hacks or future reviews, send suggestions to and And remember, “Eatin’ speaks louder than words!

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