Sewanee Writing House hosts second annual ‘Rant Night’

Wolf Tu (C’20) and Teddy Scott (C’21) perform at ‘Rant Night.’ Photo courtesy of Mandy Moe Pwint Tu (C’21).

By Anna Püsök
Staff Writer

The Writing house is famous for their creative events. Their latest event was the ‘Rant Night,’ where students could complain about something they don’t like or something that bothers them in a funny or ironic way. ‘Rant Night’ was created last year by former resident Max Saltman (C’21). 

There was a wide variety of rants. The concept of the rant itself involved drafting and presenting a well-written rant that had the potential to be thoughtful, artistic, or humorous. ‘Rant Night’ was a funny and entertaining event, mostly due to the topics of the participants. There were lamentations about working, about music, and about living in Sewanee in general, which many people in the audience could, themselves, identify with.

Colton Williams (C’21), co-director of the Writing House, said about the night, “It was one of our more popular events of the year so far. I think it was the consensus of everyone who lives in the house [was] that it was one of the most fun, too.” 

Williams was also an active participant of the event, and opened up the evening with his rant. “I, for example,” Williams said, “ranted about working at the library desk and what you have to deal with as an employee when people don’t know how to properly use the library and its resources.”

As the night went on, the company became more engaged and comfortable and more people got the courage to just stand up and rant or come back, again, with a different rant.

“Throughout the night people [kept] coming up and [sharing] new ideas,” Williams said. “I also did that, so it was really fun and a nice exchange of ideas and for people to get things off their chest but in a light-hearted way.” 

The Writing House also provided snacks and drinks, which made the whole event more enjoyable. By the number of attendants and the length of ‘Rant Night,’ most agreed it was very successful and the crowd left with a good feeling. 

The next event of the Writing House will be the “Literary Halloween,” where they encourage the attendees to dress up as literary characters or authors, complete with a costume show with a grand prize of a brand-new scooter.