Two Chicks Eatin’: Shenanigans

By Sarah Cordell and Morgan Jennings
Staff Writers

We’re back at it again with our shenanigans! This week, Two Chicks visited a beloved Sewanee favorite, everyone’s favorite blue house, the home of all things fried and comforting— Shenanigans. They recently started serving breakfast Friday- Sunday from 8-11 am, and we had to investigate. 

For now, Shenans offers 5 wonderfully crafted dishes. Sarah’s philosophy is it’s better to do a few things well (which Shenanigans does) than a lot of things with mediocrity. Morgan ordered the “Godzilla” which is a fully packed breakfast quesadilla stuffed with bell peppers, onions, spinach, wonderfully seasoned grilled chicken, and a fried egg. This flavorful dish is served with a side of salsa and sour cream. Morgan also couldn’t resist trying one of their “cinnabunz”, which one could get regular with sweet icing or topped with pecans. Morgan gives this meal two thumbs up!

Sarah opted for the “chicky chicky bang bang.” If you ever feel upset, just say this dish’s name and you’ll be smiling in no time. This dish is comprised of hand-battered fried chicken atop a biscuit smothered in shredded cheese and sausage gravy. The chicken was juicy and crispy and had just the right amount of seasoning to be paired with the gravy. The biscuit was an ideal balance of crunchy outside with fluffy insides. The portion was generous and very filling. We think Sarah could have gotten by with only 2 pills to cancel out the chicky chicky’s dairy, but her busy schedule and a day full of commitments required extra insurance. This dish required a grand total of  3 Lactaid® ~just~ in case.

One bonus is that Shenanigans accepts students’ Domain Dollars. If you are a parent or community member, ask your student how you can contribute to their Domain Dollars account and treat them to breakfast! Not only will you be supporting a local business, you can make your student smile during midterms and the cold winter with seemingly unending rain. 

Possibly best of all, Shenanigans are using their extended hours to give back to their community. On March 7, we encourage y’all to enjoy breakfast at Shenanigans when part of the morning’s proceeds will be going to Blue Monarch, a local non-profit that “assists women and their children who are dealing with addiction, domestic violence, and economic hardship to transform in mind, body, and spirit” (Source: Once you’re done with breakfast, take time to visit The Bairnwick Women’s Center on campus where the Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary Club will be hosting its annual Chili Cook-off from 11 am to 1 pm. Proceeds will support Sewanee’s Haiti Institute, Heart-to-Heart, and Sewanee Summer Music Festival. It’ll be a Saturday for full bellies and even fuller hearts. 

In anticipation of warmer weather, our Clurg hack for this issue comes to us from Annie Corley (C’20) and Sydney Masterson (C’20). For a refreshing beverage, they recommend filling your glass with ice and just a spritz of juice from the juice dispenser or flavored water that can be found by the peanut butter. Then, add seltzer from the soda fountain next to the homeline the rest of the way and squeeze a lemon or lime slice. They were inspired to do this hack as a cheap alternative to more expensive sparkling water drinks, and we cannot wait to try it!

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