Longing For Graduation Day

Lake Cheston. Photo by Rob Mohr (C’21).

By Ash Midyett
Contributing Writer

How stupid were we? 
Thinking this will never end. 
Suspended in one moment,
Our toes sinking into the mud— 
Our faces smiling—
Our spirits elevated with the promise 
That these lakes and trails and friends 
Will be here tomorrow

How stupid were we. 

We played so hard. 
We celebrated endlessly
We loved so passionately
We lived so completely
That time froze in fear 
And no one dared tell us 
That what we have was impermanent 

Thank God our stay 
was never interrupted.
That our days melted into one
Together in joy and friendship.
Thank God our stay 
Was never threatened.
How lucky we were to think
This will never end.