Choir comes back together

Camille Pfister
Executive Staff 

It’s been a full school year without an in person choir and singers are excited to get back to it. With the increased number of COVID-19 vaccinations, All Saints’ Chapel is able to reintroduce the full choir to the weekly chapel services. 

“Overwhelming is a good term to use,” Elizabeth Johnson (C’22), said. “To hear the swell of voices was definitely overwhelming, in a good way. It made me really excited for the rest of the year.” 

During the height of the pandemic, when singing was seen as too much of a risk to take, choir members had to find a new way to practice. 

“It was obviously very different from what we did in years prior,” Johnson said. “Dr. Ward worked really hard to make sure we could still have some type of choir formation, so that we did have the opportunity to sing during the year.”

Now that classes have resumed fully in person, vaccinations are required, and people are feeling more secure, the choir is excited to get back to singing all together. 

“It feels really amazing,” Johnson said. “The first time we sang all together was really, really amazing. Actually, during the processional hymn, I did cry.” 

There is still a lot of uncertainty around COVID-19 and the future is unpredictable, but for now, being in the chapel and hearing the unified voices of the choir can be described as a truly holy experience. 

“I think it makes me emotional, because [choir] was something I really loved my sophomore year,” Johnson said. “To have that taken away, I don’t think I realized how much of a toll that took on me, until we were all back together. It all hit me that first Sunday we were back together.”

Choir members outside of All Saints’ Chapel.