Sewaneroo: Setting Sewanee’s music bar high

Ahmad Ijaz  
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Cover photo by Beylie Ivanhoe (C’24)

Sewaneroo is always a special day for Sewanee’s music scene, filled with exquisite performances by student artists and guest performers. On Saturday, April 23, Sewanee was blessed with some outstanding performances by its many student artists and two renowned artists, Waka Flocka Flame and Cherub. This was my second Sewaneroo and although the first felt like attending a concert, this one was even more special. The hype around the campus, the eagerness to witness Waka Flocka Flame and Cherub on the mountain, and their electric performances made the night special.

The day started with student performances, ranging from rap and jazz music to dance. Jet Set started off the day in style, followed by Olivier Mbabazi showing off his guitar skills with Bob Makazhu on the drums. Pete Haight sang his outstanding covers and at 5:15 p.m. was followed by Lily Oakley. Sewanee’s famous band, Breakfield, took the stage soon after and entertained the crowd with their outstanding music. Corduroy Collective brought their music to the main stage too, performing in front of hundreds of excited Sewanee students, including their friends. They were followed by Too Turnt Tiger Girls who made the stage their own. Their dance performance was highly applauded and gave Sewaneroo its breadth in art performances. Lastly, Kaleb Seay brought his rap music to the mainstream and the crowd loved it.

Photo of Lily Oakley (C’24) performing on the Sewaneeroo stage. Photo by Beylie Ivanhoe.

After a brief intermission, the Sewanee community witnessed and heard what they wanted. Cherub took the stage and absolutely nailed it. From covers to originals, they made Sewaneroo their own. Throughout the night, the crowd wanted one special song: “Doses and Mimosas.” Cherub waited until the last song to deliver this special moment. After multiple of their own songs and a few covers, they finally played “Doses and Mimosas.” A crowd favorite, it was an honor to sing and dance to it for me and it set the stage perfectly for Waka Flocka Flame.

After another brief intermission, Waka Flocka Flame arrived and he entertained the Sewanee community in every way possible. “Hard in Da Paint” and “Grove St. Party” were some of his most popular songs to which the crowd were singing and dancing their hearts out. As he sang his special, “No Hands,” Sewaneroo was buzzing with excitement and the sheer feeling of witnessing one of the most popular national artists. Waka even made it special by entering the crowd and greeting the Sewanee community as he made his way across the audience.

Attendee Rehan Ali (C ‘24) said, “This was the best music [event] I have attended in Sewanee. The electrifying music and thrilling performances made my night. Especially the chance to see Waka Flocka Flame and Cherub on the main stage was a moment I will never forget. I used to listen to their music on Spotify, but witnessing it in person was very special.”

Sewaneroo won the hearts of many Sewanee listeners. Each piece by the student artists and the guest artists was played elaborately and beautifully. The entire concert was riveting and enjoyable. I am sure that every person who attended that recital will be looking forward to the next showcase of student-musicians and Spotify-hit artists as much as I am. 

The Sewanee community also had the chance to enjoy photo booths, food stalls, and shaved ice by Tiger Student Ventures.