Sewanee Football Dominates First Game of the Season

Gwen Mehigan
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Lynn Hutchinson.

On Saturday, September 3, the Sewanee Tigers opened up their 2022 campaign by capturing a win over the St. Scholastica Saints.

The Tigers got off to a powerful start by scoring early in the first quarter. This touchdown run by Micheal McGhee (C ‘23) was just the start to a dominant game by the Tigers. Sewanee quickly expanded their lead, scoring four more times before the end of the first half. The Saints were unable to get any momentum going throughout the second half, and Sewanee continued to shut down any of their attempts to score. The game ended in a 50-0 shutout, the University’s first win since 2018.

After a long history of losing seasons, skeptics may wonder if this win was simply a lucky game. The Sewanee players believe this is not the case and feel confident that this game will be seen as a big turning point for football at the University of the South.

“I think it’s turning the tide for Sewanee football. It was really good for the guys to taste what a win tastes like. And now hopefully they’re even hungrier and more eager to get another win and fight for it,” said McGhee. Mike also stressed a sense of intentionality that the team will hold moving forward into the rest of the season. “We’ve been trying to be very careful of how we carry this win. We don’t want to go into games cocky or entitled because we’ve won this game. So we’ve just been constantly reminding each other… that we’re gonna have to work harder and we can’t settle for what we have right now.”

After such an exciting game, both fans and players are excited for what’s to come. This end to Sewanee’s dry spell could be the beginning of a great season and a new age of Sewanee football.