Sewanee’s executive salaries eat more revenue compared to peer institutions as of 2020; professorial salaries trail behind peer institutions, slumping since 2018.

Amelia Leaphart

Data courtesy of National Center of Education Statistics. The averages are from the IPEDS collection, the data is reported by the institution to IPED. The peer institutions are Bates College, Carleton College, Centre College, Colby College, Colgate University, Davidson College, Denison University, Dickinson College, Furman University, Gettysburg College, Hamilton College, Kenyon College, Macalester College, Rhodes College, Washington and Lee University, Whitman College.


  1. Many alumni have been alarmed by the growing number of administrators versus the diminishing number of tenured professors. We have been told that the demographic cliff that is supposed to arrive in 2024 is the reason for decreasing tenured professors, but there is no good reason for the ballistic growth in administrative departments. The names of some of the departments is, frankly, amusing. Sewanee needs to pay more attention to its core purpose- education.

  2. These professional administrators are worthless,they are a big part of insane cost of a liberal arts education.

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