Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

We loved welcoming our alumni back on-campus this weekend and hoped everyone enjoyed the festivities. 

I was reading a 2009 copy of The Purple, and I couldn’t help but notice how there were more writers from the community! I read a review of one of my favorite movies, Fantastic Mr. Fox, when it came out in theaters, many sports articles, and a review of a new Twilight book. It does appear that they needed to fill an entire page with a drawing of a Christmas tree with a Merry Christmas message from the staff. I feel lucky that we haven’t gotten that desperate!

We have one more issue left this semester, my last issue working for The Purple. While I’m not quite finished, I want to preemptively express my gratitude to our staff and writers, and  would love to see more students write for us next week.

YSR and EQB,

Amelia Leaphart (C’23)


  1. Ms. Leaphart, you are doing great! Keep thinking critically. Question everything. It is so gratifying to see your light shining to illuminate the administrative shadows. This current Sewanee administration is characterized by a complete lack of honesty.

    We all learn lessons through our lives by focusing on the actions of others. We learn what to do and we learn what not to do. The dishonesty, unfairness, and lack of candor that has been shown by this current administration provides examples and lessons of how not to be. Sewanee students are smart enough and good enough to reject this example and embrace, instead, honor and truth and integrity that has been a part of Sewanee since it was founded.

    You students of today are the future. Embrace that future. Define that future. Seeing these articles gives me hope for our school. Thank you!

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