Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

As we all return to the mountain this semester, we are met with many changes to our campus and community life. A new vice-chancellor-elect, a new center for racial healing to tackle inequalities, and new technology only add to the feeling that life is moving at 100 miles per hour. Now it is as important as ever that we The Purple, as the student organ, remain dedicated to honest and intelligent reporting. I am excited to serve as the editor- in-chief for this upcoming year and am very proud of our first issue. I would like to thank my predecessor Amelia Leaphart (C’23) for her hard work and amazing guidance. I am honored to have the opportunity to follow such a great editor.

In this issue, I am particularly excited about our feature on the Sewanee bells, such an integral part of life here on the mountain, and the beautiful illustration of the bell tower. A student’s creation of a Latinx major and compelling articles on the latest arts and entertainment demonstrate the passions of our student body and remind me of why Sewanee is such a special place.

I hope that you enjoy our first issue of the year as much as we did! With the semester now in full-swing I am excited to see everyone again and hope that students are all enjoying their classes.

Rebecca Cole (C’24)