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January 29– February 12, 2023 Horoscopes

Camilla Hipp

Contributing Writer


Happy birthday, Aquarius! This is your season. Your will is strong and you may be wanting to propel yourself forward. People are viewing you as opposite. Whatever experiences come to you during this time, be ready to use them to your fullest advantage. 


There is a lovely and sociable energy surrounding you this month, Pisces. People may be drawn to you, as you are especially charming. This full moon, however, you may be feeling picky. Beware of attempting to change other people for the better. 


Aries, luck is on your side with Jupiter in your sign for the coming months! Express yourself unapologetically, and branch out by signing up for a new club or crashing a formal. Promoting yourself is easy and fun at this time. Your head may be in the clouds, but your light is no further than usual. 


You may be experiencing your feelings more than ever right now, Taurus. Gossip with your friends about your newest crush, or even trauma dump to your study group. Now is a good time to take steps forward in the career sphere. Your recent hard work is being noticed in class, as well as in summer job applications. Now go get yourself a sweet, little treat from Cup and Gown!


Mars has been sticking by your side for awhile now, Gemini, asking you to put yourself first. The upcoming full moon is getting you stuck at home with your comfort movie, pulling back against the recent urge to get out and meet every kind of new person. Write down your ideas and catch up on letters or emails. Your sweet talking skills are recharging. 


The stars have been asking a lot out of you recently, Cancer, and it may feel like everyone else has too. You may feel like your mind has been going every which way. Holding onto familiarity will feel safer soon. Take this time to write about those big feelings, and uncover your more subtle emotions. 


You have been getting yourself in more entanglements than normal, Leo. The upcoming full moon is in your sign! Your sense of pleasure and beauty is heightened, and your optimism is in all the right places! Do remember, however,  to ground yourself back to reality. Any direction you go in will work out, but this full moon is also asking you to enjoy the steps in life. 


Virgo, virgo, virgo… you are quick to work hard and make time for others, but right now is the time to do the opposite. This is a good time to take stock and recharge your batteries. Perhaps relearn your daily routines, or even schedule a midday cup of tea. Explain the intricacies and vulnerabilities of the flavor to your partner. 


There is a mischievous sparkle in your eye this month, Libra. With a renewed enthusiasm in your interpersonal relations, it is a great time of the yearly cycle to be alive!  Just celebrate being yourself. Keep things light and try not to lose yourself in the endeavor of pleasing others. 


Recently you have been sticking with your routine. You have been dealing with residual past experiences that you still hold onto, as a coloration of present activities. Don’t try too hard this month, Scorpio, as your ambition is already being noticed and your social status, too. Reap the rewards and find an odd comfort in the little trinkets. 


Time to be sure of yourself, Sagittarius. Display your abilities and show off your good side! The world around you seems fresh and exciting. Consider applying to study abroad! There is a new point of view available to you right now, and you will benefit from exploring it. 


A lot has been going on under the surface, Capricorn. Stubborn feelings that have been buried away may once again appear at the forefront of your thoughts, so pay attention to your responses. Keep up with your normal path, and focus on proper use of your resources, as these are abundant right now.