meditating woman standing in front of a projection

February Horoscopes

Camilla Hipp

Contributing Writer


Happy birthday, Pisces! Valentine’s day is so fitting to have during your season. Dreamy and slightly delusional, love is the game and you are the puppet. This upcoming New Moon is making you keenly aware of your emotions. Don’t doubt them. Follow your heart (as cheesy as that sounds) it’s usually right…


Oh, hey, Aries, funny seeing you here. Time has moved like molasses since early February, but things are starting to heat up for you now, literally. This upcoming New Moon may have you in your feels, wondering why you left that person the way you did (Psst, it’s because you move too hot and fast). But slow down and release your sorrows, as something new is in the works for you soon.


A sociable time indeed, Taurus! Just kidding. Not really. This upcoming New Moon wants you to put yourself out there. Tell a friend a secret, they will be there with open arms. I know you like your alone time, but the planets are dragging you out to the party, even to just observe from the couch. You may even get on aux…


All eyes on you, Gemini. I know you love it… most of the time. Your persona is being projected in a hundred different directions, and you are just going to have to deal with it this month. Friends may aid you in your social realm, but your mom may introduce you to someone important soon. Things you have worked hard to bring home will begin to materialize.


Time for a new adventure, Cancer! You may be getting ants in your pants this month, as new horizons are making themselves clear to you. This upcoming New Moon is asking you to roll these over on your tongue and let it simmer. Remember, you are always growing and learning.


Meow, Leo, time to get down. You are deep and dark in the depths of your own mind. I know your feelings are strong and fierce, but this can be a time for significant change. Be wary of financial issues, and how you share your money. Avoid overextending yourself for no good reason. Your passions rarely go unnoticed.


Yes, god, yes! You know that movie right, Virgo? Awkward if you don’t, you should watch it, though. Anyway, your relationships are in a dream state right now. All things sweet and beautiful are making themselves known through real commitment. Hold your breath, and go under the surface to swim with it.


You are working out the kinks this month, Libra. Figuring out your daily routine and consistently doing your duty. Others are greatly appreciating this, offering you serious exchange in return. With your continued hard work, the curtains are being pulled to the side. Are you ready to see what’s behind?


Finally, Scorpio, you may be getting some action! Sulking in the corner with a death stare doesn’t really help your case. You may be getting caught up in the details of how you are being perceived, but relax… you are the center of attention right now for good reason. Flirt with your opportunities. Your honesty will take you further than you expect.


What you call home is being refreshed, Sagittarius. You may be becoming aware of your habits, and how these have come to be over time. You are deeply in tune with others emotions, but take a step back and ask about your own emotional security. Family and loved ones are a good and steadfast resource for you during this time.


You’re a classic, Capricorn. Engage in the chitter and chatter, your opinions actually make sense right now. Push back may make you sensitive, challenging your usual stone cold face. Let yourself get stuck in the banter. You may also be especially dexterous at this time, take that as you will.


Out of the ordinary, as usual, Aquarius. Rather than your usual detached self, you may be feeling connected (maybe even possessive) of what you believe belongs to you. You are enjoying familiarity, and this New Moon may have you getting out of your comfort zone by expressing your opinion… specifically your feelings. Save a prayer for me now.