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Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

With the sun beginning to shine on the Mountain it’s looking a bit more like spring! I know we are all eager for a break, some rest, and relaxation, but with midterms right around the corner, it’s time to grind! I wish all the students well on their upcoming exams, papers, and presentations and maybe take a break every now and then to catch up on some Sewanee news!

In this issue, we have a great article by Mitch Shakespeare prompted by the theme house fiasco about the faculty and staff housing problem. Going back to the early 2000s, Shakespeare does a great job of encapsulating the sentiment surrounding the issue and raises questions about how and why it has not been better addressed. If you’re looking for a bite to eat and perhaps to escape McClurg for an afternoon, Meg Butler went down to Lunch and tells us all about the owner and her approach to the new restaurant. Jack Larish highlights how our equestrian team is 3rd in the nation and Lizzy Donker calls attention to student initiative in the creation of a dance class for the community!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weather and good luck to students in the next two weeks!

YSR and EQB,

Rebecca Cole (C’24)