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Camilla Hipp

Contributing Writer

Read for sun and rising!


Avoid burning anything, Aries, and instead dive into the deep-end. Take every chance to try something new, you always end up being the best anyways. Your natural competitive energy seeps into your loving-nature this month. Be impulsive, (even though that’s not really an issue for you) your rizz comes naturally.


Ooh, Taurus! The planets are doing yummy things for you, flaring up your flirting skills and packing in romance. Plan out the abundance of dates that will be coming your way… and avoid overscheduling yourself with others’ affections. Take a risk and ask the one friend you have been brewing a crush on forever on a date, and thank me later.


You are dying to go home for spring break, Gemini. This is the final stretch of your hard work! You have been grinding for job interviews, and getting your ducks in a row for future endeavors. This is your reminder to take a break every once and a while just to lay in bed. Spending time with friends could be incredibly healing during this time.


You’re getting out there, Cancer! Trying new things and proving your skills to everyone, you have been growing your knowledge and understanding the art of learning. Traveling somewhere new may also be on your agenda for spring break!


For the past few months you have been expanding your social circles, Leo. The planets are asking you to calculate how you are really subconsciously relating to others. Try not to let your outward sphere become your singular sphere of influence. There is current beauty in expansion. Try something new with a trusted being.


Visualize yourself, Virgo. The moon is in your sign and shining on what has been previously unaware to you. Many things are happening opposite to you, and making you question where your commitments lie. Are they realistic? Do you really know what you want?


Darkness arises this month, Libra. You are often too good at relating to others and making everyone feel good. Wonder if you are losing yourself in the process. Plan something for you, and you only. Try not to leave yourself behind.


Your feelings are often more obvious to your friends than you think, Scorpio. Don’t let this scare you, though. Let them hold space for you. Letting others know how uncertain you are in your direction will help to aim you closer to your goals. You may even convince yourself of what was previously uncertain. Lose yourself in the process, and schedule some time for daydreaming.


You may be wanting to do the opposite of your usual personality, Sagittarius. Sticking close to home, and even more so, your comfort zone. However, the planets are offering you opportunities of confidence and expression, but only when you attempt to break out of the box of safety. Try coloring outside the lines with something soft, like a felt pen.


People may be asking your opinion a lot, Capricorn. You are strong-willed and it’s sometimes hard to see outside of your own ethics, but attempt to point yourself in a new direction this month. Your thoughts are in touch with your feelings. Use this energy to your highest benefit, and cultivate a space to listen to your own and others’ emotional needs.


Leave a timer on your reaction time this month, Aquarius. You are heavily concerned with making sure you have just enough as everyone else, and may be overly conscious of the natural flow of material. Reflect on your true attitudes to your possessions. You need to have a healthy relationship to your own resources in order to be fruitful.


Balance yourself, Pisces. A lot has been happening to your individual this Pisces season. Find safety in your relationships, enjoy the familiarity. Your material endeavors are continuously blessed during this time. Restriction does not often bring resolutions. Take care of yourself.