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Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing spring break. I am excited to welcome you all back to the mountain with our fourth issue of the semester. Spanning much of the month of March, this issue touches on newsworthy events from before and after the break. 

Meg Butler’s article provides insight into the arrest of an alum, which unfolded before the break, but greatly affected the community. My own article highlighting our beloved Faculty Advisor, Lee Hancock (C’81), and her recent project with Netflix is not only an entertaining read, but a look into the experiences of someone who witnessed and reported on a tragedy in American history. Mitch Shakespeare’s article on secret tunnels is one of my favorite that I have read so far. It not only demonstrates the power of the Sewanee rumor mill, but also the fun in the imaginative and creative stories we tell ourselves. 

I hope you all can find a sunny spot outside in this beautiful weather we’ve been having to flip through this issue of The Purple!

YSR and EQB,

Rebecca Cole


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  1. Mr Mills is an excellent candidate for a debarment letter from all campus property

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