Artist of the Week: Anna Black 

Natalia Evans

Contributing Writer

Anna Black (C’26) realized her love of art at a young age. Drawing pictures and doodles as a child and creating gifts for her friends and family quickly became a hobby, and then much more. For Black, art isn’t just an escape, but a home unto itself.

Black has spent several years exploring and mastering different styles. Anyone who’s had the privilege to see her work can instantly see her well-roundedness, and her affinity for bouncing back and forth between different mediums. She’s become especially adept in the use of ink, acrylics, and clay, but her true fascination lies with the mixing of those instruments. She loves pushing the limits of what she knows to create something new and unique.

Photo courtesy of Anna Black (C’26)

In high school, Black had the opportunity to showcase her work both locally and nationally. She was a finalist in the Three Rivers Art Festival and Art at the Park in her hometown of Covington, Louisiana. Additionally, she received an honorable mention in the Scholastic Art Fair, a nationwide competition.

“Putting yourself out there and showcasing your art is so important,” Black said. “It doesn’t matter what place you get. People want to see other people’s art and get ideas.”

Photo Courtesy of Anna Black (C ’26)

Black transferred high schools in her junior year, choosing instead to pursue her artistic career at Christ Episcopal School in Louisiana. Thanks to the school’s more advanced art program, she was able to dive deeper into her own creative mind and challenge herself. 

“I was able to talk with different people, look at different pieces, and learn more about different cultures,” Black said. “All of which I was able to implement into my own art.”

There, Black quickly discovered a fascination in the art of hands. After experimenting with this new artistic focus, she came to Sewanee planning to major in art and minor in biology, gathering the knowledge and experience needed to someday create and publish scientific illustrations for anatomy and biology textbooks.

“Even if I decide to major in something else, I would always want to do something with art,” Black said. “Things are growing and changing. I could teach locally, or open up a shop or something, or go through Etsy. Either way, I would always want to do something with it.”

Beyond a career, Black uses art as a form of communication, even language. The pieces she creates express her innermost personality. “I feel like the people that really know me the best can understand where I’m coming from through my art,” Black said. “I also have ADHD, so it always helps me calm down in stressful situations. It gives me one thing to focus on instead of everything else that’s distracting me.”

Despite everything she’s accomplished, Black said she still has a lot to learn and is going to continue to try to absorb all that she can in order to evolve as an artist.

Photo courtesy of Anna Black (C ’26)