meditating woman standing in front of a projection

Aries New Moon Horoscopes

Camilla Hipp

Contributing Writer


Wahoo, Aries! We have officially entered Aries season. Everyone may notice an
increase in energy and childlike wonder. Your impulsivity will be rubbing off on others right now. Literally everything will work out how you want it to right now… if you want it too. Do something spontaneous.

A lot is happening behind the scenes for you right now, Taurus. Your subconscious mind
is concerned with secret mystical depths. Take a dive in the deep end, and try to decipher what is being whispered in your ear. Journal or meditate to leave an old way of thinking behind.


Be prepared to meet the masses, Gemini. Your social circle is expanding, and you may
be reconnecting with friends, and making new connections. Luck is on your side regarding
community and connection. Plan a party and make a friend.


Back on the grind, Cancer. Your public life is incredibly important right now. There is
opportunity for more responsibility. Your social sphere directly reflects your inner life. If you use this energy wisely, rewards are coming your way. What you have worked for (or lack thereof) is manifesting.

New directions in your career may have you feeling extra ambitious, Leo. Go for the
gold, of course, but be aware of your deeper feelings right now. These are coming up big, and can be an opportunity for significant change. Others can only know you as deeply as you know yourself.

You have many horizons to explore, Virgo. Your mind is powerful, and may be feeling a
little faraway. Chase after this, and find yourself a new philosophy. Ask a friend their opinion, and study a new subject to discover yourself.

Uh oh, Libra, someone may be asking you to commit. You naturally tend to move quickly
through stability, often not understanding why you would stick with one thing when there is more over there. Turn your passions to one thing right now. Whether it be a new business alliance, or a relationship…settle down.


The best advice right now is to make yourself useful, Scorpio. Volunteer work or doing
some spring cleaning will be incredibly rewarding. You may be searching for a healthier work-life balance. Things are in transition right now, be kind to yourself.

Expect to be the center of attention, Sagittarius. Your self confidence is high, and your
creative juices are flowing. Wear a new outfit, and play a mind game.

You may want to stay home this week, Capricorn. If you are feeling oddly insecure or
emotional, move into it. Find a way to nurture yourself, whether that be through a face mask…or working on homework, as you tend to do. Avoid overdoing things, and take some space for yourself.

Writing and planning are on your horizon, Aquarius. You have strong energy, and the
ability to interact with anyone and anything. Send a letter home, and plan for where you will be buying your next postcard.

You may be finding comfort in sharing this week, Pisces. A shift has occurred in our
deeper consciousness, and while this may go unnoticed to others, make it so. Communication
will arise that even you were not aware of before.