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Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

In this issue, I am very proud of our staff for tackling complex themes. With the shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville still in recent memory, we mourn the loss of innocent lives and use our voices as students to take action. Peyton Hassinger, a staff writer, wrote a great article about how the shooter’s identity is being used to promote anti-trans messages. Camille Pfister, our arts and entertainment editor, covered the 13th annual Sewanee Monologues and the vulnerability of students to share their stories. And one of our Junior Editors, Lizzy Donker, worked hard to capture the complexities of the relationship between proctors and Residential Life that was strained further during spring break. 

I hope that everyone is taking care of their mental and physical well-being during this time. I encourage you all to enjoy the flowers in bloom around campus and take a nice stroll in the sunshine. 

YSR and EQB,

Rebecca Cole (C’24)